I am a 20 year old girl from the North West of England.
Sextathalon@gmail.com is my email address (there is a spelling mistake in the address please be aware).
This blog is all the things I find beautiful and reblog, and I also upload photos of myself. Enjoy.

I suppose it depends on your illness and how you feel. When I have a blocked nose and my eyes and face are puffy, I sure as shit don’t want a dick in my mouth, I probably wouldn’t be able to breathe! And it you’ve been vomiting, maybe lay off the deep throat. I look like shit when I’m ill and all I do is feel sorry for myself, maybe you look hot and can pull it off? Also, be wary of how contagious your illness is. I’m sure he’d understand if you don’t feel like sucking him off.

It fell out and healed up before I could get hold of a new bar and it was only a couple of days, be vary of that! The same thing happened to my friend and we’ve made a little deal to go and get them re-pierced, one day.

Sadly not!

My advice? Stop worrying about it and stop trying so hard. Every dog has its day.

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