I am a 20 year old girl from the North West of England.
Sextathalon@gmail.com is my email address (there is a spelling mistake in the address please be aware).
This blog is all the things I find beautiful and reblog, and I also upload photos of myself. Enjoy.

The first :)

A girl I know personally found it once and I think she still follows, we had a laugh about it when I saw her and she said she wouldn’t tell anyone, she’s lovely and it didn’t bother me, I just found it funny. All my other friends know because I’ve told them :)

Did you seriously believe dntbesofukinnosey93 was my actual Snapchat username?

Thank you! I’d love to travel across Europe for 6 months by train, and try and visit as many cities as possible. Italy being high on the list. I’d also love to visit Thailand.

Firstly, please don’t call my beautiful lady garden a cunt. And secondly, no.

I don’t, my office is pretty female orientated. I get called “cute” a lot by both genders, and a boy from two floors below me once left me a Valentines Day Card in the post room, I don’t think he knew I had a boyfriend.

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